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Pay with the Euro
You pay in Rotterdam with the Euro like within most other European countries. Notes are in denominations of €500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of €2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents. Please note that most shops round the amount you have to pay till 5 cents, which means the 1 and 2 cent coins are hardly used. So don’t get surprised when you don’t get 1 or 2 cent change when you pay.

Using your bankcard in Rotterdam
You can find cash machines at almost every corner of the street as well as at most stations. You can get your bankcard to get cash from these machines. During the weekend there can be long queues for the cash machines in the shopping areas, so it makes sense to get some cash at home before travelling to Rotterdam. You can use your bankcard to pay in shops as well; it’s the most used payment method.

Paying with creditcards
In the bigger shops and in almost all restaurants the major creditcards are accepted as well. Most small shops and supermarkets don’t accept creditcards however. Visa and Mastercard are more generally accepted than American Express.

Money exchange
You can exchange money at the bank offices or at the GWK exchange offices, which you can find at Rotterdam Central station. Hotels tend to charge high commissions but do exchange money as well.

Eating Out

Rotterdam has a lot to offer for gourmands and there are numerous restaurant review sites such as Debuikvan. The rising popularity of eating out in Rotterdam is mainly due to the great variety of restaurants in Rotterdam. From exotic foreign food court to local Dutch eateries and from brand new to familiar: Rotterdam is the place to be.

As a city with many international travelers, there are also many lunchrooms and bars where you can have breakfast in Rotterdam. Especially in summer, outdoor eating in Rotterdam at one of the many waterfront terraces is a real treat.

Rotterdam offers a range of dining option from the major fast food chains to Michelin Star restaurants. You can try a range of cuisines from Italian to Chinese to French and beyond. Rotterdam has a great offering for all.


Rotterdam, like the rest of the Netherlands operates on a 220V/50Hz electrical system. The sockets in the wall require plugs with two narrow cylindrical prongs (also called type F) as you can see at the picture.

Use a converter if your equipment is not on 220V. You will need a converter if your electrical appliances are not 220V/50Hz, but most computers and charges currently are ready for both 110V and 220V use. It might be useful to check if your equipment can be used on 220V as well before plugging into the socket. electricity-rotterdam_02

You might need an adapter as well to be able to plug into the sockets. You can buy the adapter at almost any airport (including Rotterdam and Amsterdam airports) and in most electronics shops in Rotterdam. When you stay in a hotel you can check with the hotel reception if they’ve got adapters and/or converters on loan as well.

Getting to Rotterdam

There are several options to travel to Rotterdam by air. The international hub Schiphol Amsterdam is only 25 minutes away from Rotterdam. Rotterdam has also got its own regional airport, which is the second largest airport in the Netherlands. You can also decide to fly via Eindhoven Airport, the hub of many low-cost airlines. As an alternative, fly to Rotterdam via Brussels International Airport in Belgium and get there by train. Explore the different airports, destinations and timetables and find out which flight to Rotterdam is most convenient for you.

Rotterdam The Hague regional Airport is a good option if you fly within Europe. Rotterdam Airport offers numerous flights to major European tourist and business destinations, such as Antalya, Barcelona, Geneva, Ibiza, London and Munich. The operators are British Airways, CityJet, Lufthansa Transavia and Turkish Airlines.

By Train

International direct trains to Belgium, France and Germany depart many times a day from Rotterdam Central Station. Antwerp takes less than 30 minutes, Brussels one hour and ten minutes and Paris can be reached in two hours and 36 minutes. By ferry from he UK, Rotterdam is directly accessible via two connections: Harwich-Hook of Holland and Hull-Europoort or via Belgium and France.

By Boat

Obviously, any true port city can be reached by boat! You can travel to Rotterdam by ferry from the United Kingdom. P&O Ferries and Stena Line offer regular ferry services between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Stena sails from Harwich, England to Hook of Holland, and it takes 30 minutes to travel from there to Rotterdam. P&O sails from Hull to Rotterdam Europoort. De Jong tours operates a shuttle service between Rotterdam Europoort and the city.

Airport Transfers

Getting to and from Rotterdam Airport, located 8 km northwest of the city, is easy thanks to the number 33 bus service. They are operated by local transport company RET, takes about 20 mins, and which departs every 10 mins from both the airport and Rotterdam Central Station. Tickets are available on the bus or at the information desk inside the airport terminal. Taxis are also available from to Rotterdam city centre.

Meanwhile, Eindhoven Airport is located some 82 km southeast of Rotterdam, with bus services running from the airport to Eindhoven Central Station, from where you can get a train to Rotterdam Central Station. The total journey time is nearly 2 hours. Taxis are also available outside the terminal.

In case of emergency

In case you need urgent help from a doctor, police or fire brigade you have to call the emergency number 112 which you can call on any phone. This number can be used throughout Europe and you will be asked if you need assistance from the police, an ambulance or the fire brigade.

Non-emergency phone numbers:
Police: 0900-8844
Fire: + 31 10 446 8900


Taxis in Rotterdam ensure a safe and comfortable journey and take you from door to door. Taxi service is ideal after a late night out, especially when the public transport has stopped running or runs less frequently. Taxis in Rotterdam are very easy to find and can be recognized by the blue license plate. Most of them have got a yellow or white taxi sign on top of the car as well.

Taxi stands in Rotterdam
Taxis in Rotterdam can be hailed on the street or at taxi the stands at major hotels and transport hubs. In Rotterdam there are taxi stands at the following locations: Rotterdam Airport, Central Station (North side), Hilton Hotel, Eendrachtsplein (Oude Binnenweg), De Doelen Theatre (Schouwburgplein), Bijenkorf department store (Coolsingel), Zuidplein Mall, Alexandrium Mall,NH Atlanta hotel and Hotel New York. You’ll also find plenty of taxis outside nightclubs and bars at closing time. On the street, raise your arm to signal a taxi. A taxi is available when its white rooftop number is lit.

Taxi Companies
There are plenty of taxi companies in Rotterdam, most of them are quite small, but there are some major taxi companies with hundreds of taxis as well. The most well know taxi company in Rotterdam isRotterdamse Taxi Centrale (or simply RTC). Other well know taxi companies in Rotterdam are Vlaardingse Taxi Centrale, St. Job and Schiedam Taxi Centrale.

Public Transport

Travelling around Rotterdam is easy, as the city boasts an extensive public transport network consisting of buses, trains, trams, water taxis and two metro lines, the Calandlijn and the Erasmuslijn. Tickets consists of strip cards, which can be bought at the central station, metro stations, on board trams and buses and at post offices. You have to pay two strips to travel in the city area. Three strips, required if you travel to the zone immediately outside the city zone.


Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. It is strongly recommended that at the time you register for the conference and book your travel you take out an insurance policy of your choice. The policy should include an array of items including loss of fees/deposit through cancellation of your participation in the conference, or through cancellation of the conference, loss of international/domestic air fares through cancellation for any reason, loss of tour monies through cancellation for any reason including airline or related services strikes, Force Majeure or any other reason, medical expenses (including sickness and accident cover), loss or damage to personal property, additional expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered. The conference managers cannot take any responsibility for any participant failing to arrange their own insurance.


The official language of the Conference & Exhibition is English.


Rotterdam is the Netherlands best shopping experience with many major department stores, shoe and fashion stores, but also a variety of specialised shops. Most shops are located down town Rotterdam, but there are also two huge malls just located just outside the city centre (Zuidplein mall and Alexandrium mall).

Shopping in Rotterdam city centre

In the centre of Rotterdam you will find the well-known shopping streets Lijnbaan, Koopgoot, Hoogstraat and Meent as well as the exclusive shopping street Van Oldenbarneveltstraat. The shopping area extends from Rotterdam Central Station to Blaak with department stores such as Bijenkorf and Vroom & Dreesmann, a huge Media Markt electronics store and a lot of fashion shops, shoe shops, fashion boutiques, music and sports shops. Also the big market in Rotterdam and the famous Market Hall Rotterdam with daily fresh produce is located within walking distance from Blaak.


By law, the service charge for dining at restaurants is included in the price of the meal. If you feel the service was exceptional, you can leave a tip (10%) in addition to the price on the bill.  In bars and cafes, it is usual to round up or leave some small change.


The weather in Rotterdam in March is cold, when degrees are between 3 and 10 and there are 22 days of rain and 5 days of snow in average. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Rotterdam in March, warm clothes and gloves are highly recommended.

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